TSX Dual Listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

FSE Listings have always been popular within Canada and Toronto Stock Exchange Listings, especially dual listings of TSX listed firms which still remains popular.

Dual Listing a TSX Company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange:
•Increases the retail market and trading of the company
•Gives offshore investors in Germany, UK, Asia, and globally with Frankfurt the chance to trade on their local markets and through local brokerage houses
•To perform marketing of the TSX company outside of Canada where the companies market may have full saturation or limitations
•Ability to perform roadshows to investor groups that have interest in Frankfurt Listed and Deutsche Bourse listed firms

Dual Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The best way to list a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is via a consultancy who can also perform marketing and advisory services after the listing of your firm.

Often people rely on fly by night firms that started by listing companies on the OTCBB and now list firms on Frankfur or try to. Don’t make the mistake of using firm within the Toronto or the UK who claim to have experience listing firms, when you can work with a professional firm such as FSE Listings Inc who has listed 100s of firms since 1995 with the a 100% track record of which our clients get a Guarantee! Our team of consultants such as Charles Van Musscher, have been active within the Canadian markets for over a decade and have dual listed more firms than any other dual listing consultant in Canada.

Companies from Canada should contact us first, trust us when we say the other guys don’t know what they are talking about.

Contact info@fselistings.com and ask about your options for listing your TSX Company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Contact us for a free evaluation of your firms qualifications.

Listing Timeframe and Costs
•Listing in one week
•Cost is under 5,000 euro

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