The International Securities Exchange (NYSE: ISE)-

Last on the list of ISE Listings, is The International Securities Exchange listings, (NYSE: ISE) or  As a news forum for coverage of exchanges and listings, and global topical data, our group is very interested in publishing updates and reviews of this company.

The International Securities Exchange is a wholy owned subsiduary of Eurex, with over 6,000 products and together act as the largest trading platform of its kind. With its own Indexs and new products, the group continues to excel with value add above and beyond a trading platform but as an exchange. The company advanced leaps and bounds since its initial public offering in 2005, however, I did notice the description out of date on its main website as the Eurex is more accurate currently with 6,000 products not 2,000 products as seen on the site – go to:

I do find the derivatives auction platform intriguing and a success, hopefully the current market crisis revolving around this sector can be solved by a trading platform with engrained regulatory compliance measures. I believe this to be proven already with the success of Eurex.