South Africa Venture Capital Companies and Stock Exchange

South Africa Venture Capital Companies and Stock Exchange

There is a new Venture Capital group called FSE Listings Inc. operating and helping with South African companies focusing on venture capital from Europe to finance South African projects. The focus of the firm is to find companies that cannot meet the JSE listing requirements, but want to raise capital in the public markets. FSE Listings Inc. therefore gives them the option of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which costs between 60,000 euro and 100,000 euro in total fees. The yearly cost is only 5,000 euro’s per annum, which is a large contrast to the JSE. In local currency terms, listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange costs roughly 50,000 rand per annum, while listing on the JSE is an estimated 3,000,000 Rand per annum. Whereby the JSE is around the 17th or 18th largest financial market, the Frankfurt is the 3rd largest.

Is is commonly done in South African financial markets, companies list on several exchanges such as AIM, ASX, TSX, HKSE, and the FSE. There have been however no South African focused primary businesses that list SA entrepreneurs and ventures directly on the JSE. FSE Listings Inc has been able to do so in just 5 weeks, boasting the listing time of 3-6 weeks.

What generally is included?

•    Initial consultation and application for the Frankfurt Stock Listing (Week 1)
•    Incorporate the company and begin CREST Registration (Week 1)
•    Specialist setup & maintaining of the electronic Order Book on your company’s shares (Week 2)
•    Issuance of an ISIN number. (Week 2)
•    Clearing and tracking of the electronic register (Week 3)
•    Press release announcing your company’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange approval (Week 3-6)
•    Routing and processing of bid and ask orders (Week 3-6)
•    Real-time quotes with Worldwide access from all European financial portals (in Java) (Week 3-6)
•    Monitoring of new threads of leading Financial Community Message Boards in Europe including,,,, etc. Once your company is approved for trading it will enable you to increase investor awareness across the EU resulting in the ability to raise additional funds through equity sales. (Optional)

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