FSE Listings: Mining, Resources, Oil and Gas Companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange close to 100 listed contact FSE Listings Inc

FSE Listings: Mining, Resources, Oil and Gas Companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange close to 100 listed contact FSE Listings Inc

There have been close to 100 mining firms listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange making it one of the preferred listing arena’s for Venture Capital for mining firms. The TSX is well known for their heavy mining influence, however, more and more firms are listing on the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange where all of the shares are free trading, the costs of operating the public company are less, and the requirements for listing do not fall into the extensive costs associated with NI 43101 and Competent Persons Reports that generally govern companies abilities in mining to list in the ASX, TSX, and JSE. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has several firms listed in the open market sector currently, aside from the historical numbers, these are the firms listed in the mining sector on the Regulated Unofficial Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange:

Company ISIN Symbol
Man Oil Group AG CH0126050563 8MO
Arequipa Minerals Ltd. CA04013N1069 1AQ
Safari Minerals Inc. CA78637A1049 2SF
Minerva Capital AG CH0104931073 MC0
CSP China Steel PLC GB00B3YTTW86 CT4
Texas Oil & Minerals Inc. CA8825971077 T0M
Soam Resources PLC GB00B5VJ6Q87 S9R
Asia Euro Oil PLC GB00B66VKP31 AEY
African Opportunities Invest Capital Ltd. GB00B3QFW477 7FA
AAIC Bullion Refineries Group Ltd GG00B68J5S33 1AB
Eldora Gold Resources Ltd. CA2846571032 ER5
Cariboo Gold Mines PLC GB00B61DTR94 J16
Natural Spring Resources Inc. CA63902K1021 NSP
Formula Resources Inc. CA34641T1003 3FR
Incan Gold Corp. CA45326W1014 ZB7
Hutchison Minerals Co. Ltd. CA44842A1075 HZ0
First Newgate Petroleum Resources Co. Ltd. CA33583B1013 91P
Worldwide Natural Resources PLC GB00B3Y3X846 1WN
Bonifaz Gold PLC GB00B460HL17 BOG
MRE Resources Inc. CA55347M1077 MRZ
Blue Cap Resources Inc. CA09531A1066 R5U
Texas Petroleum Inc. CA8826521004 6TP
Mayberry Resources PLC GB00B4NS9M30 6MB
Bentley Fairview Resources Co. Ltd. CA08265A1003 B06
Crestwood Point Gas & Oil Co. Ltd. CA2264001090 3CW
Mineral Mining PLC GB00B5ZY7N30 M8M
AU Minera Corp. CA0501221000 A4N
SN Mineral Mining AG DE000A1EW0V8 SEM
Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp. CA78710G1019 2S6
Sinaloa Gold PLC GB00B3QLKK79 S6G
Pembleton Minerals & Metallugical Co.Ltd. CA7063391089 7PB
Black Hawk Petroleum Inc. CA0920861071 9BH
Now Advertising Production PLC GB00B63XKN00 7NW
Normandy Mining PLC GB00B5VRSZ53 DMN
Black Dragon Resources Ltd., CA09203C1095 8BD
Liso Goldmines plc GB00B4T1N797 4SX
Electrum Mining Resources Ltd. GB00B60V4Y62 TXK
First Pacific Oil & Gas Corp CA33600A1021 C2G
Aurum Mining Resources PLC GB00B45H0921 66A
Purum Gold Inc. CA74639T1003 5PU
Aurora Gold Corp. US0516421064 A4G
Evergreen Bamboo International Ltd. GB00B67BHD90 LBT
Terra Resources PLC GB00B4YP8G08 T31
Standard Gold Mines PLC GB00B3WVJ933 H5L
Big Rock Resources Inc. CA0894831019 BRO
Cobram Oil PLC GB00B5NDT256 C8L
Blackwood Global Resources PLC GB00B59JBF47 7BO
Greenwave Bio Ltd. GB00B688NW04 3G0
Ridgeback Global Resources PLC GB00B608XL77 RDM
Tantalus Rare Earths AG DE000A0SMSL4 TAE
Anglo African Minerals PLC IE00B66ML191 AMQ
Primex Oil Production Inc. CA74163Y1034 YPO
Curcas Oil NL0009805621 CCZ
Philand Ranch Ltd. GB00B5461K52 1P8
Leon Mining  AG CH0044886478 BCG
A25 Gold Producers Corp. CA0021681022 ALQ
Petro Novus AG CH0044583075 GMS
Trans Atlantic Metals AG CH0028048160 3TA
Moku Goldmines AG CH0127777743 4LR
GB Mining Holding AG CH0039883936 G24
Northwest Oil & Gas Trading Co. Inc. US6677131012 ANN
Minerals Mining Corp. US6031561003 3KJ
Nicaragua Gran Canal AG CH0033665818 56N
Mingo Bay Properties PLC GB00B2NPLL36 5RB
Pan Minerals Oil & Gas AG CH0035954954 5PN
Trinity Mining Holding AG CH0031041178 TKX
Global Oil & Gas AG DE000A0LA379 3GO
GB Global Mining AG CH0033040814 35K
Ancan Resources PLC GB00B1VYSY75 LTZ
Nirek Resources Inc. CA6546411092 3N6
Central Kimberley Diamonds Ltd. AU0000XINEB9 DIA
Basic Rescources AG DE000A0JC0X4 W8Z
Oil & Gas Capital AG DE0001644391 C7B

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