Frankfurt Open Market Listed Companies Need to Move to the GXG Markets before July 1st or before the end of the year!

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has changed their rules for Open Market Companies that require a prospectus and for the firms to move up to the Entry Standard market before the end of this year. The July 1st Deadline are for firms to apply without a prospectus, however, the likelihood of your firm being accepted without a prospectus is low, and this is truly just a chance for the market makers in Frankfurt to earn more fees on a denied application.
The alternative of being held hostage by Frankfurt Designated Sponsors, Market Makers, and Brokers is to move your illiquid shares to a UK stock market that will accept them. The best alternative stock exchange in the UK is the UK GXG Market for ease of entry for Frankfurt listed firms. With an official sponsor broker dealer, such as IFXBG Limited (, you can be listed in 2-3 weeks on the UK GXG Markets.
Many firms recommend Berlin Stock Exchange listings, however, unless you are prepared for the changing regulations within Germany to eventually effect your listing again at the Berlin Markets, you might as well start in a market outside of Germany such as the UK with the GXG Markets.
Many have thought of the Plus Markets as a listing environment, but the PLUS markets are likely to unwind their stock exchange by the end of the year.
Thus the best market for Frankfurt Listed firm to list on is the GXG Markets using a “Licensed Broker Dealer” such as
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