Frankfurt Listings for Sale 125k Euro

Slightly aged Frankfurt Listing, 125k euro. It meets the 500k euro requirement and 0.10 euro per share par value. Currently they have spent the 15k euro and deposit of shares for the new market maker rules for continuous trading as of May 23 2011.

Any firm buying a shell in today’s market should realize upon depositing your shares into the system, you will have an additional fee for continuous trading charged by the market maker on open positions. This is something everyone else seems to be leaving out of their posts.

We also have a newly formed Frankfurt Shell for 80k Euro, UK PLC, market maker fees paid, only requirement is the new market rules as of May 23 2011, for the deposit of shares and setting up of an account to trade shares based on the continuous trading rules. We can assist with this.

  • We don’t ask for a percentage of your firm

  • We don’t ask for non-refundable deposits (only escrow)

  • There are no debts or fees outstanding

  • Full disclosure and a letter by the auditor

Contact us with your level of interest.