Irish Stock Exchange Listings – ISE LISTINGS

The Irish Stock Exchange form of listings that we will be covering are related to the number of listings per month, per quarter, and per year, and the nature of the businesses. Our website is very interested in economic development and entrepreneurship, where going public is a very important part of accessing capital.

The Irish Stock Exchange operates two markets for equity securities:

Main Market – the principal market of the Exchange for securities of companies from Ireland and overseas and is a ‘regulated market’ as defined in MIFID.  Securities admitted to the Main Market include ordinary shares, preference shares, government bonds, corporate debt, exchange traded funds, investment funds, debt securities, derivative securities and covered warrants. Irish Enterprise Exchange (IEX) – the Exchange’s market for equity securities of small to medium-sized growth companies.  IEX is a ‘multilateral trading facility’ as defined in MIFID.

Our core interest in IEX Listings is there ability to be financed on a quotation like system similar to that of the Plus and other listings. Creating a supportive market assists in the development of clusters of local companies where they accel.

Irish Stock Exchange published the  Exchange Report 2008

Highlights include: 

– volumes in equities reach record levels despite fall in values
– Almost €11 billion raised in Government Bonds
International listings growing despite challenging conditions
– Launch of transparency initiatives
– Exchange commences regulatory separation

On August 7th 2009 the ISE Statistics where released:

Over 1.15 million trades dealt on the Exchange confirms trading remains strong
despite lower trade values
Turnover in Irish Government securities doubles to €62.8 billion
All ISEQ indices show growth since year end

The Irish Stock Exchange has the following listing rules :

Irish Stock Exchange Listings Form:

Here is a link to the Irish Enterprise Stock Exchange profile and requirements for listing. It is a good indicator of why we think its special and a good place to list, especially for technology companies within Ireland who take advantage of the already existing tax breaks and labor laws.

Our goal is to write about the great firms that help Irish Stock Exchange listings happen. In the meantime, we will be discussing some of the other ISE Listings as indicated in the first blog.